Meet Our Founder: NATUREAL's Tiffani S. Smith

NATUREAL, the brand you know, love and depend on to feel healthier and happier is the brainchild of the Brooklyn-born but Miami-raised, Tiffani S. Smith.

A Marketing Consultant and natural leader has become a champion in the health and wellness space, she’s on an unstoppable mission to bring awareness and wellbeing to all. 

Rooted in a profound passion for helping others, the extended line of NATUREAL came about in 2015, after a long and trying health struggle that left our founder in debilitating pain. Refusing to continue living a life full of chronic pain, weight gain, and mental fogginess, Tiffani turned to the power of natural remedies to get back to her former self.

Now healthier, stronger and happier than ever, she’s setting her sights on bringing health to more men and women with her range of natural health and weight loss supplements.

A Life-Changing Day

After being involved in a debilitating multiple-car accident, Tiffani faced traumatic injury, which would later be diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

Said to be “incurable” by her doctors, she soon embarked on a long and difficult journey that involved a myriad of steroids, pain killers and injections, only to provide a mild escape from the chronic pain and welcome a slew of side-effects, including fatigue, “foggy brain” and insomnia.

Bold, decisive and determined, Tiffani took matters into her own hands and took charge of her health—a move that came to the surprise of no one who knew her well.

Tiffani's Turning Point

Motivated by her chronic pain, her frustration with traditional medicine and her passion for helping others, she set her sights on finding her way back to optimal health by immersing herself in medical studies and wellness to heal her body naturally.

Natureal Founder Tiffani Smith

A Brand Was Born

After arming herself with life-changing knowledge, Tiffani single-handedly turned her health around and discovered the power of natural remedies.

The beloved NATUREAL products that you enjoy today are refined versions of the herbs and natural remedies which helped Tiffani reduce inflammation, stop pain triggers and lose the weight she had gained during her darkest of days.

Lucky for us, the fearless founder reveals some of her greatest secrets to weight loss, pain management and goal-setting in our first Q&A.

From morning yoga sessions with her dog Bo, to managing her weight loss like a pro and running a leading wellness brand, it’s clear that this girl is on a mission!

Q: Describe your morning routine? How do you get ready to tackle your day?

I start my day with a grounding combination of prayer, deep-breathing and meditation with some help from mediation apps Calm or Headspace. This helps me get in touch with my thoughts and wakes up my digestive organs before a hectic workday.

I immediately follow with NATUREAL’s Revert Drops to help relieve inflammation, boost energy throughout the day, improve mental performance and manage weight. They’re one of my favorites because they leave me more focused, or should I say they improve my attention span - ha!

Natural Weight Loss - NATUREAL Supplements Revert Drops Liquid Fat Burner and Energy Drops

I then focus my attention on my environment and make my bed. For me, being in a clean environment is therapeutic and I know when I return, I won’t have to face a chaotic mess.

I follow this up with a 5-minute session of stretching and yoga (sometimes accompanied by my adorable dog Bo) that helps me improve my range of motion.

After a refreshing shower and morning beauty routine, I make sure to hydrate with a full serving of water. At this point, I take my NATUREAL Probiotic, which is the most important supplement in my wellness routine. It supercharges my immune system, reduces inflammation, kills bad bacteria and maintains the health of my second brain—my gut.

Then I head out for a refreshing and calming walk with Bo and return home to write in my journal and create my daily to-do list with a delicious protein smoothie by my side.

Q: What does your fitness routine look like?

The cornerstones of my fitness routine include lots of water and a daily serving of Revert 10.0 to maximize the effectiveness of my workouts.

My daily routine consists of an at-home workout of beginner yoga or 20 minutes of strength training at home.

After breaking a good sweat, I always follow up my workout with a whey protein shake to promote muscle growth, reduce post-workout inflammation and enhance my weight loss even further.

To manage my chronic pain, it’s important that I fit in my sauna sessions and drink several glasses of water per day.

Natureal Founder Tiffani Smith

Q: What are your biggest health hurdle and how do you overcome it on a daily basis?

Unfortunately, managing the symptoms of chronic inflammation due to my Fibromyalgia is a daily struggle. Inflammation is a symptom that’s at the core of almost every chronic disease. It’s also the primary factor in coronary heart disease so I really have to keep a close watch on it. Excess inflammation beyond the normal range causes cellular damage, which will cause tissue damage. Continued tissue damage causes organ inflammation. Continued organ inflammation elevates antibodies to that organ, which leads to organ damage and symptoms that can be identified as an autoimmune disease...ugh!

Some additional symptoms I deal with on a daily basis include tissue pain, lack of energy and brain fog.

I am thankful to be able to able to manage these symptoms with the plant extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the NATUREAL Total Transformation Collection.  I use all of the products daily and when I happen to miss a dose of Revert 10.0, I really feel the effects quickly, in bloating, weight gain and energy levels. Here’s a breakdown of how each Natureal product helps me throughout my day:

Revert 10.0: all natural holistic supplement that’s loaded with Vitamin B3 Niacin and antioxidants to burn fat and increase levels of serotonin. It's the perfect workout partner to incorporate with fitness routines that helped me eliminate 40 lbs. that I gained after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and prescribed steroid medications. 

Revert Drops: loaded with amino acids and antioxidants, this potent but safe  liquid formula increase my stamina and energy, reduce appetite and food cravings boost my mental performance, and help relieve inflammation and decrease excess fluids.

Probiotic: kills candida and bad bacteria, enables better digestion, helps me process food and absorb more nutrients, supports the reduction of inflammation, abdominal fat, and allergies.

Body Cleanse: based on scientifically chosen herbs and fruits that have the power to get rid of toxins and harmful chemicals that may cause fatigue, headaches, muscle soreness, poor blood circulation, slow metabolism, low energy production, and many other health issues, the use of this holistic supplement improves my auto-immune condition tremendously. 

Revert Tea: loaded with antioxidants and energy boosters, it has a diuretic effect and detoxifies, as well as promotes thermogenesis to reduce my residual belly fat, bloating, plus it brings an added glow to my skin.

Whey Protein Powder: improves my cellular process, strengthens muscles and heals muscle tissue, elevates energy, and enhances the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates.

Natureal Founder Tiffani Smith

In order to be able to manage my health post accident, which included issues with anxiety and depression, I made a lot of changes with my lifestyle, especially my nutrition (rich in fiber, plant-based foods) to protect my immune system from increased exposures to a toxic environment.

Q: How do you find the inspiration to stay on track with your health goals?

To get me through the days when I feel as though I may slip back into bad habits, I reflect on some of my most painful days to help me make healthier choices. When I regress, my body is warm, achy, tingly and I can literally feel the nerves racing through my body.

I’ve also worked hard on my positive mindset. Dreading having to exercise or thinking about not being able to eat dairy, tomatoes, bell peppers, corn, or baked potatoes was a death sentence. Listening to my body and meditating daily gives me the clarity to align with my thoughts.   

And to support a positive outlook, I start my days by journaling to record my physical activity, making note of when I’m active and when I’m not. What I eat, and when I have a not so good day. This allows me to see what I did differently to avoid future flare-ups.

Most importantly, I am REAL with myself. I set small, realistic goals.  My schedule doesn’t permit me to work out hours at a time. I time block my days, which includes 15 minutes of daily exercise, plus I have to take Bo out at least twice a day. Having Bo forces me to move my body and be active.

Q: What’s your favorite beauty secret?

I take a traditional approach to beauty, and start with the absolute basics for glowing skin! I drink 3 liters of water daily, which equates to 6 servings using the NATUREAL water bottle. It helps me avoid the guess-work and prevents me from using plastic bottled water. I also try to eat as many plant-based meals and play around with recipes. And when possible buy organic ingredients and eliminate processed foods.

Understanding the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which involves digestion and the absorption of food also plays an important part in skin health. Optimal gut flora health helps me achieve clearer and brighter skin, as well as treat symptoms associated with depression, diabetes, autoimmune conditions.  Poor gut health can affect your wellbeing, altering your thoughts, mood, and palate. Beauty starts from within so I depend on the NATUREAL Probiotic daily to balance my gut flora—that’s my holy grail!

Q: What brings you joy?

My family and loved ones, my health, my dog Bo and the ability to feel like the vibrant, energetic and outgoing Tiffani again!

No more suffering in silence with chronic pain, anxiety or depression. And how could I forget Mother Nature and food! I love fresh, seasonal home-cooked meals, aromatherapy, organization, a nice manicure, groomed eyebrows and paying it forward. Having all of those in motion is really an indescribable feeling!

Q: What are the cornerstones of your wellness routine?

I understand that even with NATUREAL, I cannot supplement my health with a poor lifestyle. If I expect my body to perform well and function properly it requires a healthy mindset and a healthy lifestyle accompanied by NATUREAL Supplements.

Q: How do you tackle weight loss?

It starts with my fork. Real food that does not come in a box, or a bag.  Minimal exercise and NATUREAL Supplements.

Q: What’s next for NATUREAL?

We’re currently researching and developing the perfect vegan protein formula that tastes great, is not too earthy, blends well and easy to drink. This will make the entire NATUREAL line vegan! I’m not certain if all of the goals will be achieved so we may need to survey vegans, vegetarians, and nutritionists who drink Vegan protein to see if this is realistic….but where there’s a will, there is always a way!

We’re also striving to become a more sustainable and eco-friendly company, which includes using plant-based ink when possible.