Top Reasons To Join NATUREAL Nutrition, Health & Fitness Affiliate Program

Top Reasons To Join NATUREAL Nutrition, Health And Fitness Affiliate Program

Holding down a 9-5, squeezing in time to exercise at least 3 times a week, finding time to meal-prep, having enough time for your family/partner plus acquiring some time for yourself is hard – we get it!

But, healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated even if your life is.  

We Offer The Best Health & Fitness Affiliate Program In 2021


Introducing NATUREAL, one of the fastest growing health, wellness and sports nutrition supplement brands in North America that have the best natural health affiliate program available. 

NATUREAL health supplements are clean, pure, high-performing, whole food-based ingredients that help your body restore itself to a state of balanced wellbeing for optimal health.

At NATUREAL, we strive to design the best natural dietary supplements to activate a healthy digestive system, support metabolism, reduce food cravings, increase energy, manage healthy weight, clean and detoxify your system and reduce inflammation without the risk of side effects.


"Our mission is to educate and promote healthy lifestyles in accordance to the laws of nature sourcing pure, high quality, professional-grade supplements using, whole food ingredients to restore our bodies with the power of plants." - NATUREAL Founder, Tiffani Smith.

Affiliate Marketing Is Perfect For Nutrition, Health, And Fitness Professionals


Becoming a NATUREAL Affiliate is ideal for nutrition, health, and fitness professionals because its an easy way to educate the masses about a subject that you know, love, live, and breathe.

Granted, anyone in any niche market can use affiliate marketing to make passive income.  However, there are key advantages to being a NATUREAL affiliate especially if you’re in the nutrition, health, or fitness industry.

Listed below are a few reasons you should become join our affiliate marketing program if you’re a nutritionist, wellness enthusiast, or fitness professional.

The Best Nutrition, Health, And Fitness Affiliate Program In 2021

You'll quickly come to the realization that NATUREAL has one of the best nutrition, health and fitness affiliate programs available.


If you’re a fitness instructor, dietitian, health food store owner, physician, medispa owner, ACE, ISSA or NASM certified fitness trainer, gym, Pilates or yoga studio owner, health coach or a nutrition student with the following beliefs:

  • You are what you eat.
  • Every meal should include a protein, fat and low-carb vegetable source.
  • You should get a good night's rest every night to help manage weight.
  • You should lower insulin and reduce the foods that stimulate insulin to reduce bloating, water weight and fat storage.
  • Lifting weights can help you burn a few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.
  • Wellness shouldn’t be hard.  
  • Wellness shouldn’t feel like something you have to be mindful of for the sake of it.
  • The key to a good life is being healthy.

 Then, it’s you who we’re looking for!


It’s The Best Nutrition, Health & Fitness Affiliate Program For Bloggers To Promote


NATUREAL is looking for its next big set of Affiliate Bloggers to join the team. What’s that? What’s in it for you? Here we go:

All the perks!

You get to decide which projects you’d like to take on and how many work hours to put in daily.

You’ll also have access to brand assets and unique referral link to host on your website and receive exclusive affiliate-only offers, promotions, and links to product landing pages.

A partnership that you can actually love.


If you’re passionate about hearth and nutrition, you’ll love being a NATUREAL Affiliate!  Extending your passion for something that you’re genuinely interested in and enjoy would feel less like a job and more like a hobby.

Plus, it’s going to get a whole lot more fun once the commission checks start rolling in!

You’re always learning – for free!

In order to be an accomplished affiliate marketer, you’ll need to know the ins-and outs of the digital world. If you’re just starting out in the field – there’s plenty of room to learn.

There are a bunch of digital skills you could acquire as an affiliate marketer such as content marketing, SEO writing, website building, conversion optimization, social media management, email marketing and so much more!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to learn all this in one go; you can learn as you go. This way, you can turn your hobby into a high-paying career someday!

No inventory, no hassles.


Guys, this is a huge win because you really, and we mean really, don’t want to get stuck with a crap load of inventory.

The kicker is you don’t need to have physical inventory of health supplements to make money!

At NATUREAL, when you promote our product and make a sale, we deal with everything that comes after that, all you have to do is pocket the commission. Sweet deal, huh?


Haven’t heard that word at a 9-5 job, have ya?

Working in a digital space gives you the flexibility to work on your own terms. Smashed out an article on why someone should give NATUREAL products a try? Well done – now go on and sign up for the boot camp class your friends messaged you about last night.


Finished posting on social media about the benefits of NATUREAL supplements? Peffect – now you can take the day off!

Do whatever you want, whenever you want to.

We grow together.
You feature us on your networking platforms, and we return the favor right back by doing the same and giving you the additional exposure that you deserve.

There’s always our exceptional Customer Support available to help you learn the ropes and grow your revenue.

We’re The Best Nutrition, Health & Fitness Affiliate Program With High-Paying Commissions


Lastly, the cha-ching!
You’ll have exclusive access to our affiliate dashboard business tools and reports that track every lead, sale and commission payment due to you.

Plus, say hello to quick monthly pay-outs!

URL: NATUREAL Affiliate Program

Commission rate: 10% per sale 

Cookie duration: 30 days 

If you’re still reading this article right now, then we’re pretty sure that your eyebrows are raised with intrigue.

Sign up today to learn more about NATUREAL and how you can join our team as a NATUREAL Affiliate Marketer!