Get In Shape, Boost Immunity & Improve Mental Focus Sipping Wellness Tea

Struggling To Achieve Your Wellness Goals?  

    Would you have ever thought that a beverage could be the cure to most of your health and wellness problems? 

    Asian culture has been drinking tea daily for its therapeutic medicinal qualities for thousands of years and now you can take advantage of these qualities too. 

    Although there are hundreds of assortments of tea to choose from, most don’t have a blend of herbs that focuses on fat burning, weight management and well-being. 

    And that’s what we’re providing to you today

    Our  blend of ingredients improve digestive health, reduce belly fat, bloating, water weight and food cravings, no matter how busy your lifestyle may be. 

    Perfect for any individual looking for a healthy daily regimen without spending too much time to do so. 

    NATUREAL Revert  Tea is  a herbal and aroma supplement designed to burn fat, reduce  appetite cravings, and increase metabolism in a safe and effective way.   


    Target exercise-resistant fat and burn them using our herbal blend, naturally releasing urges and help you regain self-control over your eating routine. Naturally sweet with a fresh aromatic scent. Enjoy achieving the healthy physique you desire by sipping a delicious, refreshing cup of Revert Tea.

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    Imagine becoming fitter naturally, while feeding your body the nutrients it need and watching your waistline decrease. How would that feel?  

    Don’t lose this opportunity to make that happen TODAY!

    You deserve a life where you can nourish your mind, body, and soul and you can achieve that with NATUREAL Revert Tea.

      How  NATUREAL Revert  Tea  Works?

      NATUREAL  Revert Tea  is  different because it targets your appetite  while cleansing and reinvigorating your body.

      It’s designed to transform your whole body, skyrocketing your metabolism and energy levels so it naturally cleans out toxins and fats. Resulting in a healthier, fitter, energetic, good-looking but most importantly, good-feeling temple. 

      Appetite Control  * 

      The ingredients present in NATUREAL Revert Tea controls cravings naturally. Free from addictive preservatives and additives present in most teas that create jitters and make you want to eat more.


      Boost Metabolism  *

      Boosting your body’s natural fat-burning system, NATUREAL Revert Tea is designed to improve your digestive health, so your body can process food easier while reducing symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting. 


      Stress Relief  *

      As you drink Revert Tea daily, you’ll feel more relaxed as your body is slowly transforming and reinvigorating itself from the toxins and the fat waste being filtered out of your body. 


      So What’s In NATUREAL Revert Tea?


      Known for  its  ability  to aid in the body’s digestion  and fat metabolism, the Asian plant’s  natural antioxidants block the storage of fat  from being stored in your body. Eases dry, bronchial and asthmatic coughs. Aids menopause symptoms and help soothe the digestive tract


      These herbs and seeds help detoxify and purify the blood, resulting in  your  body’s natural waste system to work more efficiently. It contains vitamin C for immunity and potassium and folate to support cardiovascular health and stimulate the digestive tract. It helps expel gas from the stomach and intestines, eases bloating and water retention. Commonly used to reduce inflammation, reduce food cravings, or decrease stomach cramps, muscle spasms, and nervous tension. Improves the absorption of nutrients. Fights urinary tract infections. Excellent for gum disorders and sore throats.



      Controls food cravings and removes fat and mucous from your stomach. It’s cleansing properties help improve your metabolic waste system. Helps improve aches in joints from arthritis, gout and rheumatism. Contains histamines to treat allergies, asthma, and hay fever. Induced wakefulness and boosts energy. Stimulates lactation and is beneficial to the gallbladder, kidneys and urinary tract. 

      Buckthorn Berry

      Considered a superfood with an abundance of vitamins B1, B2, C, and K, in addition to folic acid, lycopene, lysine, as well as beta carotene, which can assist in reducing inflammation in the body, as well as enhancing the immune system. The flavonoids discovered in the leaves and fruit may enhance cardiovascular health and wellness, strengthening the function of the capillaries and regulating blood pressure.



      These dry, grassy leaves have diuretic, stimulant, laxative and invigorating properties. Yerba Mate is known as a physical and psychological energy restorative since it improves memory and concentration, reduces and delays lactic acid build-up, helps combat obesity, enhances metabolic rate, and fights exhaustion and fatigue. Calm the spinal column as well as nerves, and build resistance to stress. Yerba Mate is also a wonderful stimulant for the adrenal cortex and enhances sexual energy. 



      Rosehips are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antidepressant, antispasmodic and antiseptic.  They act as a blood, kidney, urinary tract and recovery tonic. They contain a high content of vitamin C to strengthen immunity. They help soothe the pain of gallstones and stomach ulcers, fight free radicals, lower blood pressure and medicinally used as a pain reliever.


      All  of these  natural  fat-burning and appetite-suppression ingredients  within a small  teabag. 

      You Deserve The Body  and Life You Want. 


      The Science of NATUREAL Revert Tea

      The tea plants in Revert Tea have chemical compounds that occur  naturally, which generate  a plethora of wellness  benefits including  helping  to  feed, nourish, and protect cells throughout the body. 

      • Antioxidants reduce the effects of the pollutants that attack the body  on a cellular level by neutralizing free radical molecules. Free radicals have single electrons  that  search for a  (missing)  electron to pair with. This results in oxidation,  deposits of unhealthy byproducts, and damage to other  healthy cells. By providing  the  missing electron, antioxidants  restore  the natural and healthy  pair. Since  antioxidants  do not  have a long lifespan after  they  are ingested, it is critical to  replenish  them  throughout the day, maintaining resistance to  infection and  to  support  healthy  cell reproduction.

        • Polyphenols  are antioxidant compounds that protect against cancer,  coronary heart disease  and  strokes,  reduce  the  risk  of osteoporosis, protect  against liver disease, and damage caused by inflammation.

        • Catechins  are  a  category of polyphenols unique to green tea that has  not oxidized (turned brown)  known as  epigallocatechin gallate  (EGCG).  The catechins in  Revert Tea  display  favorable  benefits to Alzheimer’s,  dementia and neurological  decline, balance cholesterol  levels, and maintain balanced blood sugar.  EGCG is  called a super-antioxidant, proving to be more powerful than other antioxidants.

        • Flavonoids  function in  tea  plants to produce color and to protect the plant from fungi,  insects,  microbes  and to filter  UV  rays.  Some of their properties include  their functions as anti-inflammatories,  antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, and  antioxidants.

        • Thearubigins  are polyphenols that are formed during  the  oxidation process.  The compound’s role as an antioxidant and  its ability to reduce oxidative stress, reduce the volume  of destructive free radicals, and help reduce the effects of irritable  bowel syndrome.

        • L-Theanine  is an amino acid shown to have psychoactive properties. It  easily passes  through the blood-brain barrier  where  it can bind to receptors and transporters involved in neurotransmission. It  can also increase alpha brain activity when  the  body is at rest. Some studies have shown that it also provides  neuroprotective properties.

        • Caffeine  is a naturally occurring stimulant. It is important to note that the amount of caffeine in Revert Tea is relatively low, less than the 1/2 cup of coffee.  Caffeine is known to affect physiological, psychomotor, and cognitive performance, as well as mood.  The stimulating effect  on the central nervous system produces a state of calm alertness with increased energy  and focus when used in appropriate amounts.



        The fragrance alone entices you, igniting your  senses. 



        The medicinal, rejuvenating, and refreshing immune boosting properties of Revert Tea to help ease your mind while in quarantine.


        Spread love and sip the aromatic flavor of Revert Tea. 

        • Support heart health
        • Boost immune system 
        • Stave off diabetes mellitus 
        • Support respiratory health 
        • Amplify energy
        • Increase concentration
        • Reduce body fat and your waistline
        • Improve digestive health
        • Improve skin health
        • Enhance overall well-being


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