Top 10 Probiotics Foods To Eat

Top 10 Probiotics Foods To Eat

Probiotics are microorganisms that have several health benefits, which are beneficial bacteria normally present in the digestive tract. These live beneficial bacteria provide robust support to both the body and brain. Probiotics play an essential role in improving the digestive health of well-being.

They are vital for proper digestion and also perform a number of other functions, such as preventing the overgrowth of yeast and other pathogens, and synthesizing vitamin K. You can quickly get probiotics from fermented foods. Although these bacteria exist in our body, consuming probiotic-rich foods provide additional benefits.

Benefits of taking probiotic foods:

Probiotic foods are beneficial in providing additional microorganisms to the body, especially the gut. The health of our gut directly affects our immune system.

You can get the following health benefits by eating probiotic foods:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Better breath 
  • Improve digestion
  • Heal leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease
  • Healthier skin - improve eczema and psoriasis
  • Reduce colds and the flu
  • Weight loss
  • Increase energy 

Top 10 probiotic foods to eat:

Here are the top ten probiotic foods that play a crucial role in improving your overall health.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is considered the best source of probiotics. It contains friendly bacteria directly associated with several health benefits.

Yogurt is also helpful in reducing diarrhea in children due to antibiotics. It converts lactose into lactic acid, which is why yogurt tastes sour.

Moreover, yogurt is necessary for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

natural greek yogurt probiotic foods to eat

2. Green Bananas

Many people don't like green bananas but here is good news for you because these bananas are enriched with probiotics. Unripe bananas consist of a large proportion of both soluble and insoluble fibre, minerals and vitamins. This perfect combination will protect your bones and heart.

However, the people who don't like to eat green bananas, they can use it as a baking ingredient. You can also fry or boil them to enhance the taste of this probiotic-rich food.

 Fresh Green Cavendish Bananas

3. Kombucha

Kombucha is fermented black tea or green tea that contains the friendly colony of bacteria. This food is consumed in many parts of the world, especially in Asia. Moreover, you can also purchase it online or locally.

The internet is filled with benefits for this drink.  Kombucha is fermented with yeast and bacteria; that's why it shows many probiotic properties.

It plays a crucial role in maintaining the digestive system, and it also flushes out all the unwanted material from the colon.


Kombucha Fermented Green Tea

4. Certain Types of Cheese

Cheese is highly nutritious and considered an excellent source of protein. Moreover, it also contains essential minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. Although all types of cheese are fermented, it doesn't mean that all cheese are an excellent source of probiotics. That's why it is essential to look at the label of the product before purchasing in term of probiotics.

According to recent studies, it is proven that dairy products like cheese also lower the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. But keep in mind that cottage cheese contains a high amount of sodium that may lead to bloating or hypertension when you consume a large amount.

Dairy products are packed with muscle-building proteins; that's why it also plays an essential role in the absorption of probiotics.

Gouda, top natural probiotic-rich cheese.

5. Green Olives

Green olives undergo a natural fermentation, and the acids are produced by the lactic acid bacteria. 

It is also considered an excellent source of probiotics because it decreases bloating in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, olives are good to boosting gut health.

Natureal Green olive oil

6. Garlic

Although garlic is a favorite of everyone despite the fact that it causes bad breath, it contains powerful gut boosting properties. It is not the favorite spice of Americans, but the reason for the love of garlic is due to the presence of several probiotics.

Both raw and cooked garlic are the best sources to prevent several gastrointestinal disorders. You can easily flush your colon from heavy and unwanted material. You can consume 2-3 cloves of garlic regularly to make favorable colonies of bacteria.

Fresh raw garlic, top natural probiotic rich foods.

7. Pickles

Pickles are another form of fermented foods that contain probiotics. To get the health benefits from pickles, it is essential to confirm that the pickles are fermented. Shelf stabled products are considered the best to consume because they are free from harmful bacteria.

Pickles use their own naturally present lactic acid bacteria that make them sour. Pickles are low in calories, and it contains a large amount of Vitamin K that is considered as an essential nutrient for blood clotting.

It is important to keep in mind that pickles are high in sodium and pickles made with vinegar do not contain live probiotics.

Pickles, top natural probiotic fermented foods.

8. Miso

Miso is a paste that is made up by mixing soybeans with ingredients like rice, barley and rye. It is a popular soup in Japan that is an excellent source of fibre and protein. Moreover, it contains several minerals and vitamins that are associated with health benefits.

As it is made up of fermented soybeans, it contains many beneficial colonies of bacteria that play an essential role in stimulating the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and in reducing the risk of strokes. Most importantly, it is also helpful in fighting against many types of cancer.

Miso, top natural probiotic fermented foods.

9. Natto

Natto is also a fermented soybean product that contains the colony of beneficial bacteria commonly used in Japan. This food provides a distinctive smell, intense flavour and slimy texture.

Natto is loaded with protein and Vitamin K2 that plays a vital role in heart and bone health. Moreover, studies have proven that consuming  Natto on a regular basis prevents osteoporosis in women.

Natto, top natural probiotic fermented foods.

10. Traditional Buttermilk

Buttermilk is referred to as a range of fermented dairy drinks. It is mainly consumed in Pakistan, India and Nepal. Buttermilk comes in types are conventional and cultured.

Only tradition buttermilk contains a variety of probiotics. Whereas, cultured buttermilk doesn't contain any probiotics.

It is low in calories and fat. Furthermore, it comprises essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and Vitamin B12.


Traditional buttermilk, top natural probiotic fermented foods.

Make Better Choices That Foster Better Health

In essence, we should make daily lifestyle choices that will foster better health by taking a quality probiotic daily.  Using a probiotic daily is a simple way to enhance your immune system and help keep your gut healthy.

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