How to Easily Boost Weight Loss without a Gym

Making time to go to the gym takes the kind of dedication and discipline that most of us struggle with.

If you're part of the 27% of Americans who don't exercise regularly, then fitting in workouts throughout your day, and in the comfort and convenience of your home, might be the key to jumpstarting your weight loss goals.

While NATUREAL supplements will play a crucial role in your overall weight loss journey, we cannot stress enough the importance of excellent nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and daily exercise to truly blast off that unwanted weight!

Natural weight loss can indeed be achieved without intense exercise and physical activity, but faster results can be stimulated by our everyday actions.

Exhausted Woman trying to loose fat

Without this additional stimulation, people often quit their efforts and lose any possible progress. It’s natural for most of us, as humans, to feel discouraged when we don’t see considerable results in the short term. That’s why we’re always looking for healthy supplements and protein shakes that may boost the results.

When we refer to additional stimulation, we’re referring to increasing calorie consumption by making our lives more active. Here, we will not talk about following a strict fitness regimen, mainly because we want to focus on what we do the rest of the day.

This is especially helpful for those that don’t have the chance to invest several hours a week working out.

Small tweaks can be made in order to increase your calorie consumption, that will be the primary factor for the results in the weight loss journey. More what and when you are eating.

Do Chores More Energetically

Some may feel surprised to hear that doing household chores is an amazing way to burn calories. In fact, domestic chores can burn up to 1200 calories, which is equivalent to three hours of intense exercise. You can replace hours of running on the treadmill by cleaning and organizing your home.

Chores are something that most people need to do at home frequently. Unfortunately for many, we never run out of chores. We’re talking about washing dishes, using the vacuum, sweeping the floor, mowing the lawn and depending on your geographic location, shoveling snow.

There are so many chores and responsibilities on our list, representing a clear opportunity to boost our calorie consumption without clearing the schedule for weightlifting or cardio at the gym. What you need to do to accomplish these chores in an energetic way is create an upbeat playlist, turn up the volume and enjoy moving around as much as possible.

Skip the Car When Possible

There are people who take their cars to the grocery store around the corner, something that is nonsense nowadays. They’re wasting gas and not helping the environment, but also being lazy and incoherent with their wellness goals and weight loss efforts. We must seize opportunities to walk more, enjoy Mother Nature and breathe in some fresh air.

Girl Walking - Natural Weight Loss Tips

If you’re using the car to go shopping for healthy food, supplements or protein shakes for weight loss, you’re applying the wrong mindset. Those who strive to enjoy better health must find coherence between what they aim to achieve and their daily activities.

If you need to buy something or have the joy of working near home, try to walk there every chance you get. At first, this would seem pointless but in the long run, this physical effort payoffs in both terms of weight loss and energy levels.

Also, you will be doing a favor to both the environment and your finances.

Enjoy Being Outside

There are many activities to do under the sun that will help you boost weight loss while having some fun. For example, many families commit to their goal of taking care of their health by riding bikes at the park. This is always fun and can represent a fantastic opportunity to do cardio while enjoying family time.

Outdoor activities for weight loss

Another solid benefit we can take from this is the fact that parents should be teaching their children how to have fun outside the house. Addiction to video games and other sedentary activities at home are more common than you think and they represent bad habits with a negative influence on health.

Whichever the case, being outside and enjoying physical activities under the sun is always a good idea and incredibly positive for your wellbeing.

Make that Big Effort First Thing in the Morning

This may be the hardest thing to do but we need to boost the metabolism early in the morning in order to burn the maximum amount of calories during the day. This can be accomplished by making a notable physical effort as soon as we get out of bed.

For many, this short period of time is extremely exhausting. However, there is a huge benefit in making this sacrifice. In 15 minutes, you can do bodyweight squats, pushups, lunges or any other exercises noted in the complimentary Natureal Wellness Guide that may represent a real challenge to your body.

Consider that after a few reps, your body and mind will feel energized and the typical fatigue of the early hours will go away. This is one of the oldest, most effective ways to boost weight loss, taking the amount of calories that the body will burn to the max. Our metabolism will rush and we’ll burn a lot of calories overtime.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to be addicted to the gym in order to boost weight loss. You can tweak your lifestyle in many different ways by making it more active, increasing the amount of calories your body demands on a daily basis. Healthy living is a daily routine that involves nourishing your body with whole food derived ingredients, removing toxins from your mind and body, sweating and listening to your body.

In order to experience greater results, we recommend using you the Weight Loss Collection or Total Transformation Collection from NATUREAL or the standalone natural-based products. Our healthy protein shakes are the perfect supplement to help you boost weight loss, especially if you want to achieve your goals by optimizing your nutrition.


What you eat and the way you eat it will always be extremely more relevant than your performance at the gym. For many, it’s impossible to dedicate many hours to exercise. Sometimes, life and work get in the middle. Our families demand us, our careers demand us. That’s when healthy nutrition and its importance become more evident in their role.