When is the Right Time to Drink Your Protein Shake?

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Whenever you are trying to pack a few pounds of muscle or losing some weight, you should be working with a high-quality protein powder to prepare your shakes. This supplement is something that cannot be absence, even when you are performing along with an outstanding diet.

If you are making the investment on a protein shake, you must get the most from every take. There is no sense in taking a shake that isn’t providing any results. The truth is that the timing will be key in order to get the desired results. No one can drink his or her protein shake at any time on the day and expect the maximum output.

Here you have our recommendations regarding the right times every day to take your protein shake.

Early in the Morning

After sleeping all night, our bodies are in a mode of low resources. We need to replenish these resources as soon as possible. Consider that the first thing we throw into the body will be violently absorbed by the organism.

Having this fact straight, we must get our protein as soon as possible, right after we get up from bed. Our bodies will take a lot of benefit from this first take because all the muscle are hungry after seven hours of no eating or drinking.

30 Minutes before Workout

While many people get a pre-workout supplement before exercising, we recommend getting your protein shake instead. It’s true that the pre-workout makes you more energetic and can benefit you in other ways as well but we are trying to get the most from every protein take.

By getting our shake before the workout, we are providing enough resources to the muscle for it to over-perform and maintain in great shape during and after the session.

Immediately after the Workout

The well-known window for taking our protein shake and get the best results is right after finishing our workout. In this moment, our muscles fibers are damaged and ready to grow. Because of this, we must provide them with the best protein at hand.

Muscle tissue wants to recover and during that process, growth is experienced. Because of a first-phase of recovery starts as soon we stop the exercise. There is no better time to get the supplement.

Before Going to Bed

Remember that we are going to experience multiple hours of starvation during the night, so we must provide the organism with the right nutrients in order to perform and recover appropriately during this period.

Get a protein shake that is easy to digest, just like NATUREAL’s Whey Protein. This way, you will guarantee a good night sleep and a constant supply of nutrients for your muscles to recover.

Getting the Right Protein

As you can see, timing is key when it comes to benefit the most from proteins. But this doesn’t mean that you can neglect the quality of the protein you are consuming.

In order to get the best results, we must recommend you NATUREAL’s Protein, a natural-based product that comes in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate.

How do you were drinking your protein? Did you give a thought to timing before? Leave you opinion in the comment section below! Also, subscribe to our newsletter and receive amazing content and special discounts.

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