Free College Money!

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Free College Money!

Health has never been more important to America. With the rise of childhood obesity,Free College Money  as well as other health epidemics such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases . Even threats from biological hazards such as the Zika virus, the need for trained professionals in the health sector has never been greater.

Are you looking to go to college next year? Are you a high-school senior in need of some extra cash for your educational fees? If you are in need of some financial assistance the NATUREAL Your Health Is Greater Than Wealth Scholarship might be just what you have been looking to help further your education.

At Inaffit, LLC, we understand the importance of health care professionals and have put together a scholarship program to assist students that have excelled academically and in need of financial support.

College Scholarship




The NATUREAL Your Health Is Greater Than Wealth Scholarship believes in the next generation of millennials and realize the importance they will have on the future prosperity of our great country. Funding is available for high-school seniors and college. Students with a GPA of 3.5 pursuing a degree in the health care field directly related to medicine.

We are looking to provide scholarships to students that are active leaders and have involvement in their local community. These traits will improve your chances of being awarded one of the scholarships.

It all begins with the application. Your dreams will not come true if you do not take action!

To apply, simply download the application, review the requirements and complete the application form listed on our website at:

Inaffit, LLC are the driving sponsor behind the development of the NATUREAL Your Health Is Greater Than Wealth Scholarship. Have agreed to sponsor $1,000.00 for high school seniors, $2,500.00 for collegiate applicants, making the total education contribution of $10,000.00.

Inaffit, LLC believes in the future of our youth and their task ahead of them in becoming the next generation.  Young minds that will rise to lead the country and guide it on its way to be a fit and healthy nation.

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