Fighting Back Thyroid Problems with Nutrition and Exercise

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Having a thyroid problem is not easy. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism have their own set of unique problems that the person must face and treat quickly and restlessly. These conditions affect the body fast, making us act swiftly in order to control the aggressive changes.  Fortunately, patients with thyroid problems aren’t exclusively dependent on doctors and drugs to see improvements for their conditions. Both nutrition and exercise can help a lot when it comes to these health problems.

In case you don’t know, hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland secretes a toxic amount of its hormone. On the other hand, hypothyroidism happens when this gland is practically inactive, causing a lack of its hormone.

Treating Hyperthyroidism the Healthy Way

We can accomplish great improvements in hyperthyroidism cases by changing many common habits our society seems to love. Here you have some nutrition tips.

  • Choose Healing Foods: Even if you don’t believe it, healing foods do exist. These foods are the ones that are rich in plenty of nutrients that are key in taking care of the organism in case of thyrotoxicosis, which is another name for hyperthyroidism. A few examples are ginger and green juices.
  • Avoid Processed Foods: Every single product that falls in the “processed food” category represents a risk for thyroid health. These foods may contain sugar, gluten, and GMOs.

When it comes to exercising with hyperthyroidism, this is what we recommend.

  • Choose Aerobic Exercises for Large Groups of Muscles: It is important to engage big groups of muscles frequently when the person has hyperthyroidism. This condition is closely related to degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, so we must maintain active multiple times a week, despite the aggressive weight loss.
  • Practice Mindfulness Activities: Hyperthyroidism affects heart rate and the emotional health, damaging quality of life. That’s why activities like Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, and meditation can help with the psychological impact of the hyperthyroidism and with overall health.

Treating Hypothyroidism the Healthy Way

For some, hypothyroidism can become a life-changing condition. If isn’t treated properly, it can be exactly that. We bring you some bits of advice that can help to stimulate the thyroid gland for good. Let’s start with nutrition.

  • Avoid Soy, Iron, and Calcium: What some doctors forget to say is that the patient with hypothyroidism must avoid those foods that are rich in soy, iron, and calcium. These nutrients can reduce the effectiveness of modern medical treatments.
  • Look for Vitamin B: Regarding the diet, it should include those foods that are rich in vitamin B, because this nutrient increases energy levels and regulate metabolism. Good examples are whole grains, spinach, eggs, and fish.

Exercise is especially important when it comes to hypothyroidism. This is what we recommend.

  • Focus on Cardio: Hour-long sessions of cardio should be scheduled, at least, 5 days a week. This can help a lot by accelerating the metabolism and increase the blood flow. Both things can stimulate the production of the thyroid hormone, fighting back the condition.
  • Run Under the Sun: It is important to focus on those cardio exercises that can be done outdoors, receiving sunlight. This is key to increase dopamine production and restore other hormones’ production processes.

Natural Products We Recommend

There are also effective supplements that you can take to fight back both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Let’s start with the former:

  • Revert 10.0: This fantastic formula achieved great results regarding healthy fat burning by increasing metabolic rate without affecting other processes. It also reduces appetite and boosts energy levels. We have to say that this presentation, which comes in form of pills, is more efficient than the liquid version.
  • Revert Tea: The same fat burning power than the Revert 10.0 but in tea presentation, also helping with skin health.

For hyperthyroidism cases we recommend the following:

  • Body Cleanse: This natural product removes toxins from the organism and impurities that may be affecting the gastrointestinal and lymph systems, improving at the same time the capacity of the body to absorb important nutrients. Also, boosts energy levels and increases the immune system effectiveness. Cleansing is especially important because of thyrotoxicosis.

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