Energy Drinks and Negative Impacts They Impose On Our Health

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What are Energy Drinks Doing to Us?

Energy drinks are increasingly popular and more brands are jumping on the train, producing more and more various concoctions. However, have we taken the time to consider the impact that these beverages have on us and our children?



According to a recent study published in Pediatrics in Review, energy drinks may have from 21 to 34 grams of sugar in each serving. At times sugar is in high fructose corn syrup.

The researchers state that users who drink two to three energy drinks may be consuming 4 to 6 times the maximum recommend daily intake of sugar. The also stated that people who consume energy drinks frequently have a higher chance of dental issues and obesity.

An increased risk of alcohol dependence and injury

Studies have suggested that it can be dangerous to combine energy drinks and alcohol.

Despite the fact that caffeine is a stimulant, according to research it doesn’t counteract alcohol’s sedating effects. According to an editorial that the Journal of the Australian Medical Association published last year, there are concerns that mixing energy drinks and alcohol may keep people awake longer, allowing them to consume more alcohol than normal.

A study conducted in 2011 of 1,100 college students found that the subjects that consumed energy drinks on a frequent basis were 2.5 times more likely to be alcohol dependent compared to individuals who did not consume energy drinks. The JAMA editorial states that this could be due to mixing energy drinks and alcohol or caffeine to recover from a hangover. It may also be from the effects that caffeine has on the brain. This doesn’t seem to be making a difference. As almost any energy drinks market report shows these drinks are increasingly popular in one form or another.


Risk of drug abuse

The findings from another study with 1,060 students showed that consuming these beverages. During the second year of college had an association with increased risk.For prescription drug abuseduring the third year of college.



Taurine is an amino acid  commonly used in energy drinks. The Mayo Clinic reports that there are some studies that have suggested that it might help with boosting athletic performance.

Since these two ingredients intensify one another’s effects, they might cause heart issues. According to Faha Ali, an internal  the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital.He witnessed young male patients experience chest pain, cardiac arrest and heartbeat issues.

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