A Beautiful Garden Is The Perfect Place To Unwind

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Life can be stressful. From the time you leave for work in the morning until the moment you pull back into your driveway at night, you are constantly subjected to outside stressors. Being able to shake off the stress of the day and relax in a beautiful garden to rejuvenate your body, mind and unwind.


Identify Plants To Evoke Sensory

When choosing plants for your garden, consider looking for plants that you can touch. Being able to physically touch the plants can help connect you with nature and can be quite relaxing. Certain types of plants are particularly good for touching.

For instance, Pennisetum has feather-like plumes that are soft to touch, whereas Stipa Tenuissima has silky, hair-like tendrils that are fun to play with. Other tactile plants include Elymus, Stachys Byzantina, and Cortadeira.

Your garden should be a feast for your senses. That includes your sense of smell. Choosing flowers or herbs that are fragrant is a great way to enhance your space. Traditional choices include roses, lilies, and jasmine. You can also use herbs to add fragrance to the space. Rosemary, lavender, sage, and thyme are all good choices. Many of these plants also have medicinal benefits or can be used for cooking, making them a versatile choice for your outdoor space. If you plan on spending most of your time outside in the evening, look for plants that are especially fragrant at night such as honeysuckle or evening primrose.

Don’t forget about the sounds that you hear in your space as well. Adding a water fountain is a wonderful way to bring the calming sound of running water into your space. Garden benches made with stone are also a good natural addition. Wind chimes can also add beautiful background noise that helps you relax. Don’t forget about the sounds of the plants themselves. Certain tall grasses can create a beautiful rustling sound in a gentle breeze that is extremely relaxing. Finally, consider adding bird feeders so that you can enjoy the sound of birds singing when you relax outdoors.


Consider Adding A Hammock To Complete Your Garden

For the ultimate in relaxation, add a hammock to your outdoor space. Even if you don’t have trees that are sturdy enough to support the weight of a hammock, you can always hang it from a hammock stand. Being able to lay outside and watch the clouds go by is an incredibly effective way to relax after a hard day.

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