3 People To Involve When You Want to Lose Weight

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Now that you’ve decided that you want to lose weight, you should include some other people in your weight loss journey after consulting with your physician about your new diet regimen. These people can help you with many aspects, including choosing your diet plan, setting your wellness goals and encouraging you along the way.

A Dietitian

A dietitian is a health professional with university qualifications that can translate the science of nutrition into the day to day information about food. Dietitians can help you understand your body and prepare a food plan contingent on your specific needs.


Their goal is to help you eat healthier, which in turn can help you lose fat. Because of this, dietitians are set apart from anyone who promotes a fad diet because they are not necessarily nutritionally sound for you. A dietitian will also help you figure out how many calories you need to consume in a day and how to balance your intake with the food groups that you should be eating from.

A Fitness Instructor

A lot of people never learned how to properly exercise. A fitness instructor will make sure that you exercise properly, push you to attain your fitness goals, and help you set new fitness goals. They will oversee your exercise routine in a gym, giving you both cardio (fat loss) and strength (toning) based exercises to follow.


The main goal of a fitness instructor is to educate you on how to do properly get fit. The needs for each person vary and a fitness instructor can adjust your training program to fit your specific needs.

Over the course of the fat loss process, both the fitness instructor and the dietitian may give you advice in changing up your diet and your workout routine as you begin to gain more muscle tone to help support your new muscles.

Friends and Family

When planning your wellness journey, you may want to let friends and family know what you are doing so that they can be supportive of you. It always helps to have people you know and trust that will stand by your side in any endeavor.


Identify one person to hold you accountable to help keep you on track, that will not encourage you to eat extra snacks or sweets, or distract you from remaining on track with your healthy lifestyle. You will likely be more successful in the end if you have someone join you on your journey (even if they live long distance) who will help encourage you when you are reaching your goals and to help push you when you start to struggle. Then, when you reach your final goal (or mini goals) you can celebrate your achievements with the ones you love.

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